Monday, January 19, 2009

About me (Cliffs Notes verion)

Have a wonderful son, Kevin who is 8. There are pictures of him at My ex wife (his Mom) and I split up when he was 2 1/2 -- 6 years ago (2003).

Love to help make a positive difference in people's lives through the projects I do and the communications and collaboration strategies I help to enable -- for online learning and other endeavors.

I live in Columbus, Ohio, where I've been working for a university since I moved here in 1996. I've had a couple of different units at the campus that I've worked for (four if you count name changes and shuffling of subunits) and a variety of titles/challenges during that time. Right now, they're calling me a Senior eLearning Consultant. That's like an "eLearning Consultant" but older, I guess (or just been around and won't leave for some reason ;-). I help faculty as they put course resources and activities online or build totally online ("distance learning") courses for students to take from anywhere at any time.

Also worked as newspaper reporter and editor in my first career -- going back to middle school and high school papers and college newspaper to five newspaper internships in college (including one newspaper I started from scratch), and two "real jobs" in newspapers as reporter/editor after graduation.

The second career I fell into by mistake was managing college bookstores. That was interesting. If you want to know more about that or anything else above, read the previous post "About Me." (unabridged ;-)

I've lived in a few places:
  • Chicago area (until 3 weeks old).
  • Alabama (Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Demopolis and Montavelo through age 7).
  • Louisville, Ky. (age 7 through 18; and internship '86; and '88 to '92)
  • Bowling Green, Ky. (college -- 18 to 22 -- '83 to '87)
  • Greensburg, Ky. ('84 internship)
  • Elizabethtown, Ky. ('85 internship & after college '88)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio ('87 internship)
  • Sarasota, Fla. (first real job as newspaper reporter '88)
  • Michigan (Plymouth, Ypsilanti, and Rochester; '92 to '96)
  • Columbus, Ohio ('96 to today)
Intrinsically motivated; not extrinsically motivated. This could explain why I have few assets that you'd list on a tax form. But I have creativity and integrity that is worth more to me than anything else besides my son.

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